The Plan:

  1. We are required to have a lease at The Maynooth Station from the government.
  2. As soon as we have a lease, we register our organization as a NON-Profit Origination geared to the restoration and future of the Maynooth Station;. as required by Infrastructure Ontario.
  3. In the meantime, we will continue to raise funds for our first step a new roof.
  4. We require a letter of support from the municipality as we have received from all other levels of government. Written support is critical.  Donations can be money or in kind.
  5. We have made great strides in this project as indicated below in our 17 point overview.  We look forward to the support from all the people who worked on this project in the past.  We will be organizing workgroups.
  6. As soon as we have a lease we will be ensuring the property.  And the work will commence. Thank You to the community for your support..
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Written as of  April 2nd, 2013

Re:   Innovation for Maynooth Station

As chair and coordinator, I would like to update you on our progress and highlight our accomplishments.   As you are aware we are anticipating your lease conditions so we may negotiate an agreement with you and Prince Edward  & Hastings County, in order to proceed with our community project to Save the Maynooth Station.  Here are highlights of our efforts to date.

1. Maynooth Station Condition Report Results:

The first step taken was to confirm with local professional engineer Frank Anrep, who completed the station condition report 2008-9 (both yourself and our County Official contact Jim Duffin, were provided with a copy)  that the station is sound and free of any settling.  Mr. Anrep volunteered to offer his help as engineer/supervisor of the project then shortly after joined our committee.  Our first meeting for The Action Group Committee convened on January 10th, 2012.

2.  Deputation held at Municipal Building in Maynooth,  February 15th, 2012.   b) Trust Account motion past;  c) Petition/survey Results

 As a committee, we held a deputation requesting support and direction.  That same month we met with the municipal CAO, Financial Administrator, and a motion was carried May 2nd 2012, that a Hastings Highland Corporation trust account be established for the committee.  

3.  February 2012County/Committee Meeting in Belleville

The committee met in person with County Officials Jim Duffin and Brian McComb, at the Hastings Highlands Administration office in Belleville, on February 29th of 2012.   The main concern expressed at the time was a land claim, as well as an interest by the  Bancroft/Baptist Algonquin Nation Council for the Maynooth Train Station.

4. Met with local Algonquin Chief and Negotiations Representative

As chair of the committee, I met with Chief Kathrine Cannon and after a meeting with her local council forwarded a letter to the committee dated April 4th, 2012, expressing their full support for our committee to move forward with our plans.   “We strongly support the Save the Maynooth… committee….and looks forward to the success of this proposal.. (letter available upon request)

5. Letters of Support and MBA Membership:  We have one from the Maynooth Business Association, signed by Earl Liverseed of Maynooth, then chair for the MBA.  We have also recently secured membership with the Maynooth Business Association for the purpose of promotion, raising awareness, availability & visibility.

6. Total Funds Raised to date:   We have held a monthly dinner as of May of last year, along with a silent auction with local folks offering free live entertainment.  Donations of goods for our raffles also helped towards our goal and we are now on our second raffle ticket sale.  Our efforts as of Jun 2013 yield us a total of $8,500.00 raised.

7. Metal Roof Quotes:   We have obtained two quotes for painted metal roofing material to cover all three building sections:  main, freight, and kitchen. Our best quote so far is from Havelock Metal Products in Havelock, Ontario, of $8,000.00 and the second is from Wilson’s Timbermart in Bancroft at $13,000.00.  We also have quotes for lumber material which local merchants have asked us to have reviewed once construction starts.

8. In-kind Donations Collection:   We have been collecting and continue to collect volunteer hours as well as offers of in-kind donations, including from contractors, and roofers.   These hours from our committee members and from kind community volunteers, it is anticipated, will be useful for future use in applications for matching grants/donations.

9. Risks and Associated Liability Insurance

LOCAL COMMUNITY INSURANCE SERVICES, offering insurance coverage that includes third-party liability for both the County and Infrastructure Ontario.  Group Accident – Volunteer Workers Insurance to be effected with Chartis Insurance Co. of Canada;  A copy of the policy offer is attached

10.  Health and Safety Matters

We have forms that cover volunteer risk level assessment to be completed prior to starting each day’s work.   A sign indicating clearly that workers must have hard hats, safety toe boots, and gloves, will be displayed as deemed necessary.  As well, signs placed on the station grounds, indicating that work is done at own risk.

11. Our Latest Community Initiative:  this includes the community, in a Family Favorite Recipe Collection and historical photographs of the Maynooth Train Station.  We are planning to include stories of the history as well as newspaper stories dating back to 1981.   20% of proceeding collected will be shared with our local food bank.

12. Volunteer local General Contractors: We have so far two local contractors Mr. Dave Butwell from Lake St. Peter and Mr. E. Spilek from Maynooth also the general contractor who has kindly offered their assistance in the construction process.  We also have a professional roofer, who has among others, also volunteered to help with the project.

13.  Model Train Enthusiast:   We have an avid model train enthusiast Mr. Dan Wheeler, a newcomer from North Bay, who has offered his professional-looking display wholeheartedly which will help increase traffic to the station and provide an educational component for the visiting youths.

14. Work Bee Planned:   Frank Mills, committee member and  Director of the Eastern Trails Alliance has offered to summons support and volunteer help from the members of the Heritage Trail users in exchange for a   community picnic/BBQ.  BBQs that the committee will be happy to host.

15.  Visits to Other Train Stations:   We have visited several stations in the surrounding area to gather and compare layouts; background, business strategies, and sustainability information. These include Bancroft; Halliburton; Barry’s Bay;  Havelock, as well as others.  There are many pictures taken and available.

16.  Committee Members:  Who we Are, What we Offer:  Local artist & business owner Nancy Brookes, who also heads other (incl. Art & Craft shows )community initiatives; Earl Liverseed, business owner, has initiated and donated our website, as well as a musical PowerPoint presentation that runs at our dinner events.  Both are featured on our website  The purpose is to raise community awareness and highlight the station’s most historical moments.  Earl is also familiar with construction and has offered personal machinery for landscape work; Frank Anrep is a retired professional engineer who completed the Maynooth station condition report.  He offers his expertise as discussed (no.1) earlier in this overview; Frank Mills is our Chief  Building Inspector for the region, assisting us as a consultant, offering guidance and support.  He is also the Director for the local Eastern Trails Alliance.  Pat St. Louis, Social Worker and retired Youth Worker/ Probation & Parole Officer and is experienced in construction planning and execution.

17. Our Immediate Plans:  We will continue to host monthly events, solicit donations; negotiate with lumber yards; collect in-kind donations and host other raffles.

The committee is planning a spring clearing and cleanup of the grounds in late  May or early June and we hope that the above meets your requirements for a collaborative lease agreement between IO, the County, and the committee.  We would appreciate it if you would provide us with direction in order for us to meet any further requirements.  As mentioned in previous correspondence, if necessary, the committee members remain available for an in-person meeting with both yourself and the County.

19. The building is an environmental Hazzard: Do not enter the building.  

Respectfully submitted, we remain,  Website: