New Developments for Maynooth Station Project November 2013

On a positive note the Action Group Committee to save the Maynooth Station has received news from the County Deputy Administrator Jim Duffin, on November 7th. He informed that conditions for a lease agreement have been drawn up and need to be first ratified between the two owners, IO and the County. These conditions include several assessments such as environmental, as well as possible hazardous material such as asbestos in the construction of the old building. These, the committee was informed, would be conducted and paid for by Infrastructure Ontario. Mr. Duffin stated that these conditions have been rejected by the County as unnecessary. The committee also learned that a new prospective interest for the station property has emerged and this one from an actual government ministry. No details was provided as to the identity of the interested ministry, and will not be released until a deal is confirmed, informed our source. In reaction to this the committee is encouraged by the ongoing support and close communication with the owners and are hopeful that should this prospective interest be formalised that the efforts, support and interest shown by all levels of government and by the community itself for this historical icon, will remain at the for front of discussions and negotiations. Over 700 signatures and social media endorsements have been gathered, as well as a total raised to date of close to $11,000.00 speaks to the hard work, community support and interest in this historical landmark. The committee will be hosting a Christmas dinner as planned with all proceeds held in trust at the Hastings Highlands Municipal office. Advance dinner tickets are available, as well as raffle tickets for the half tandem load of fire logs; an adult bicycle and two hand hewn benches, are being sold by various organizations and local merchants, including: Sun Run Cafe, Maynooth gas station; Fire Fox Antiques, Old Peterson Road Gallery in Maynooth; as well as Harvest Moon and Eagle’s Nest Restaurant in Bancroft, and available as well in Whitney. The committee will keep the public informed of new development with continued communication with the county and IO. We wish to extend heart felt thanks for the kind on going generosity and support. We intend to conclude this year on a high note with a Christmas Dinner and live music with John Foreman, held on Saturday November 30th at the old Community Centre in Maynooth, doors open at 5:30pm. Watch for posting for further details and look up: Calendars featuring photos of the various time period in the life of the station is planned to be available for the dinner as well. All are welcome, and bring your instruments for a Christmas sing along!

Train Station closer to new roof thanks to Maynooth talent

By Barbara Shaw, QMI Agency

True Nulty wins the under-12 prize in the Maynooth Talent Contest on Aug. 25.

MAYNOOTH, ON – Chilli, corn, song and dance were a great combination in Maynooth on Aug. 25 as the community came out to help raise cash for the Maynooth Train Station.

After the money was counted, the committee to save the Maynooth Station reports a total of $3,500 in the bank to bring them that much closer to a new roof that will help preserve the aging piece of history.

Organizer Joe Shulman says the evening was a great success.

“The committee was started in the spring of 2012 by Pat St. Louis who lives

in the old McAlpine house across from the station,” he explained. “Since June there have been monthly events featuring a band, silent auctions, 50/50 draws, door prizes and meals to attract the public to the cause of saving the station from further neglect.”

Shulman says ownership and access are key issues facing the committee. Infrastructure Ontario will be taking the lead in a possible lease or purchase and Hastings Highlands is

supportive of the committee’s goal with CBO Frank Mills as a new member of the committee.

Shulman says Maynooth engineer Frank Enrap is also a guiding force.

The Saturday night event was one more way to engage the community with great food and wonderful talent.

Three $75 prizes were provided by MG Daly Funeral Home, The SunRun Café and Vance Motors resulting in some stiff competition.

True Nulty used her strong voice and tight guitar skills to steal the under 12 group’s prize. NeoJock, Vladimar Bilan, scored the win for his category combining his electronic music, a great stage presence and live drumming.

Amos Jeffrey took the win in the adult category with his railway themed ballad that brought the noisy room to silence as everyone became lost in his soft music.

Post show excitement included a competitive silent auction featuring some great local art and Shulman says he has had lots of help from local artists like Ketha Newman, Nancy Brookes, Sadie’s Pottery, Margo Merritt and Karen Gray at the different events.

A short film produced by Harold Eastman was a touching way to wrap the evening and leave patrons with a sense of hope that the efforts made will make a difference.

Upcoming events to raise funds for the station are the Sept.22 Maynooth Mix-Up at the Arlington Hotel and the Oct.13 John Hales DJ dance party at the Arlington Hotel with a $10 cover charge.

The draw for a load of gravel, lawn chair and a painting by Jacquie Lopez will be done at the Oct. 13 event.  Tickets are available at the Maynooth Farmers Market and around town at various outlets.

New roof needed to save Maynooth Station

With this goal in mind, a group of dedicated volunteers is embarking on a journey to raise funds to rebuild the roof and stabilise the building. And by stabilising the building they will, in effect, buy some time so that a full plan can be developed for the future use of the historic landmark.
Patricia St. Louis is helping the group organize.
“I like to fix things and I like to fix homes so I thought I could do this,” she explains.
Working with an engineer, the building has been inspected and because it is made of concrete, the building is in pretty good shape.
There’s no major damage and according to the engineering report, the building is salvageable. But the roof is in terrible shape and without a roof the building will deteriorate at a rapid pace.
“We’re trying to keep what we’re doing practical,” says St. Louis. “This is respectful for the seniors and this is about building tourism and preserving our past.”
“We want to attract tourism in this area and the station is doing it on its own,” she explains. “People from Egypt, Holland, and other travelers go to the train station or even from the States. I’m always surprised who’s there looking around. It’s a rest stop for trail users so I think we should have some community pride and fix it up.”
The group is organizing a series of fundraisers to collect the money to repair and rebuild the roof. The next event is scheduled for July 14 at the Hastings Highlands Centre in Maynooth. Starting at 7pm there will be food, a silent auction and some great music.
St. Louis says she wants all the fundraising events to be fun for the community.
St. Louis is excited about the possibilities with the old station and she says without stabilizing the building there will be no need for discussion.
“When people visit they ask where’s your museum? Where’s your history,” she explains. “This is what people want. This is tourism and this is so important.”
St. Louis says she’s confident the station can be saved with a little bit of community help. There’s a new website to raise the profile of the project at and the municipality of Hastings Highlands is also helping by donating the rental fee for the event on July 14.
Thinking about the future of the building, St. Louis says she would like to see local artists paint the boarded-up windows and turn the space into an art-centred destination.