How Can I Help?

  • Committee

    • Help us plan, keep paperwork, accounting or organization facilitator
  • Donations

    • Money in the form of cheque or cash
  • Volunteer time is a measurable donation

    • Volunteer hours for youth and adults
    • Donation in kind
    • Work Bee


Here are some info for the public. Please use your discretion and maybe check with the other members for feedback, inclusions and possible exclusions, if you feel it necessary.

-The train station is owned by Infrastructer Ontario and by the County as partners.  There are also land claim issues by the local Algonquin Tribe. We have a letter from them indicating their full support of our project.
-So far IO has been in on going contact with the committee and have supported our efforts from the beginning, starting in February of 2012.   We are at the present time working with the Real Estate Advisor for IO Josie Lee, in providing us with a lease agreement. 
-Here are some factors that the committee is considering in order to obtain the lease.
-We have made a minimal offer of $1.00 per year for the lease.  We are awaiting their response.  
-We are in the process of Incorporating.  This will provide us a legal, of a not-for-profit status.  This will also allow us to apply for government grants as well as to other special foundations.  
-We are looking for in-kind donations from local businesses/contractors.  This volunteer help can be translated into an hourly rate.  We can then includes these hours in our applications to be matched with grant monies.  Forms are available at monthly dinner functions at the old Maynooth Community Center or contact 
-We have pledge sheets that are also available at our monthly dinner functions.  The pledge donation amount is not due until the actual work is underway.
-Our first priority is to get a roof on the building.  Some of the material needed include; lumber to repair existing rafters; roof sheathing or plywood, the hardware and the metal roofing its self.  We also have two other quotes for lumber material to create a safe work place for the workers. 
-We are looking at having a BBQ on site at the train station for the volunteers once work starts.  There could be two of these one at the beginning during the clean up and one during the roof replacement.  These hours need a paper trail in order to have them matched later with grant money.